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What They Have to Say

Learning something new can be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. I’ve had the pleasure of supporting many people through this journey by providing customized instructional services for their specific needs. Browse through my clients’ success stories below, and feel free to get in touch to see how we can work together.

What I gained? So much! I enjoyed learning more about the African American history of transgenerational trauma and PTSS and how it impacts the African American community and DV circumstances.


I appreciate learning the historical context of African Americans.

O. Vasquez

You are awesome! Very knowledgeable.  Thank you!  I was so happy to see the information supported by scholarly information.  Love the reference page.

Prof. T. Brown

I expected to know how to speak and interact with African American clients.  I definitely got/received that from this presentation.


I really appreciated learning new approaches and interventions with AA men/women.  Helped learn better ways to use language/words.

Robert H.

After this presentation I learned how important it is to be educated on African American history and always being respectful and actively engaged when trying to support them.  This has shown me that while race is a sensitive and at times uncomfortable subject to talk about, it is incredibly important.  Dr. Williams’ presentation was not only eye opening, but also informative.  She conveyed information in a respectful yet educational way.  I learned a lot.

C. Edwards

What I gained?  It was refreshing to hear this presentation from the perspective of another Black woman.  I appreciate the conversation in general.

Juanita P.

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Testimonials: Testimonials
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