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Instructor-led, Clinician-Centered, Trauma Focused Diversity Workshop on the Impact of Domestic Violence(DV) and Trauma on African Americans.

Do you have ethnically diverse clients that you struggle with making a connection?
Do you feel that issues of race impede the development of a therapeutic alliance or relationship?
Whether you are a psychologist, mental health professional, or student of psychology, I can provide the guidance  you need to overcome these obstacles. As a qualified instructor, my distinctive knowledge and awareness has helped people of all backgrounds and skill levels achieve greater understanding and expertise in their practice.

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As an experienced psychologist, I provide diversity training to psychologists, mental health professionals, and students of psychology, who work with racially diverse clients who are struggling with emotional dysregulation from the effects of trauma, and inform on best practices in working with African American clients.  Unlike other psychologists who practice within a Eurocentric framework, my unique approach integrates both Eurocentric and Afrocentric values in counseling and the field of psychology.  African Americans have experienced trauma and disregard (disenfranchisement) in greater numbers than any other group historically and contemporaneously, yet they seek mental health treatment at lower frequencies than other groups.  When African Americans do seek mental health services, they will need a therapist who demonstrates proficiency in cultural competence, credibility, and racial awareness.

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Intro To Best Practices

Race and racial issues will be discussed in this presentation. Mental health providers and attendees are encouraged to explore and examine their own racial identity and cultural biases to improve their work as healing professionals.

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